Rivki Rose Training signs up as Carmarthenshire Time Credit Partner!!

Rivki Rose Training is proud to announce that it has now become a Spice Time Credit earn & spend partner.

What are Time Credits?

Time Credits are a ‘community currency’. The currency we’re used to in every day life is money, where we earn money through work and/or receive state support and then spend it in our communities on goods or services.  A community currency works much in the same way, but is based on the principle that we all have something of value to offer in terms of developing our communities. So rather than hard cash….you put in personal knowledge and experience in the form of (volunteering) time. In return, again rather than hard cash, you receive a Time Credit (yes, it’s actually a Time Credit note!!) that you are able to use in your local communities, usually on an experience rather than tangible goods – so for example this might be watching your local rugby team play or a trip to the theatre. In some cases they can also be spent on computer repairs, or in the case of Rivki Rose Training, you could be using Time Credits to pay for courses and workshops. Organisations and businesses who are passionate about developing their communities are able to donate their spare capacity as Time Credit spend opportunities.

Time Credit life cycle

Keep an eye out for ‘NEW courses and workshops’ that are posted to the website, our Facebook page and Twitter – courses and workshops that can be paid for with Time Credits will be clearly labelled.

During the year there will be opportunities to get involved with earn opportunities through Rivki Rose Training. Watch this space!


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