Involve! Carmarthenshire – The results are in!

Congratulations to Meryl, Mike and Rachel who were voted through to give their talk in more detail on the 25th.

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The Festival of Dangerous Ideas aims to stimulate challenging, provoking and creative ideas about the future delivery of education and training in Wales.

By celebrating the skills, knowledge and experiences that already exist within the community, we’re questioning the status quo and asking if we can do more with what we’ve already got? Does learning always have to trickle down form formal institutions, or can we also learn from each other? In addition to formal education, could we also be learning from each other?

We’ve invited people from across Carmarthenshire to share the knowledge and skills they’ve built up during their lives to see what we can lear from each other. The top voted for clips will be invited to share their idea in full in front of a live audience on 25th February 2015.

Help to co-design this learning experience by watching the 6 clips that met the criteria, and voting here!

Each of the videos are 3 minutes long (some are longer once we added our logos and text at the end!), and we’d like to give a big thanks to everyone who has supported this project so far, particularly those brave enough to submit below!

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