Spice Time Credits…what’s not to like!

Spice Time Credits operate as part of a community currency – people give their skills, knowledge and expertise, and for every hour they volunteer, they earn a Time Credit.


Yes, a physical Time Credit note that you can hold in your hands!


Each Time Credit is worth one hour of an experience elsewhere. For example, Time Credits can be spent at the Botanical Gardens, Llanelli Theatre Y Ffwrness, the Leisure Centre, Adult Community Learning and of course with Rivki Rose Training.


IMG_0442We signed up as an earn and spend partner at the beginning of February 2015 because we believe in the ethos of the project – at its core of the Spice Time Credits project is co-production: an assets based approach that believes that everyone has something to offer, and that the experience, skills and knowledge that people have in our communities are worth equal value.


Time Credits are used in Wales to grow networks, to demonstrate the value of people’s skills, to improve people’s health & wellbeing, and to develop communities.



What’s not to love! 2015_03 Time Credit brochures


Opportunities to earn and spend are advertised in the local brochures and online. The back of each Time Credit shows the universal network map – which means that you can spend your Time Credits throughout the Country. Entry to the Tower of London? No problem! A session at Llanelli Leisure Centre? No problem! Carmarthenshire lego workshop? No problem!


As a result, the opportunities we’re offering are;


We take time credits

1) You can use Time Credits to attend Rivki Rose Training courses! Places will be limited, and courses that are eligible will be clearly labelled. Subscribe to the newsletter (see the ‘subscribe’ tab!) to receive notifications of forthcoming courses and opportunities to spend Time Credits.


Poster template - RRT mock-up

2) You can earn Time Credits through Rivki Rose Training events and projects. We want you to have opportunities to use the skills you have and to develop new ones! Subscribe to the newsletter to receive information on opportunities.


In addition, we’ll be promoting Time Credits wherever we can – and that includes promoting earning and spending in areas where Time Credit projects exist, and even encouraging the earning of time credits for Rivki Rose Training courses where the course aims to increase your skills for developing your community!


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