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As human beings, we have an innate ability to build a fascinating range of skills, knowledge and experiences throughout our lives. Through our work, personal relationships, the places we live, our personal histories, our challenges, our triumphs, our observations, our hobbies, our passions, lessons learned and passing interests…they all add up to create an incredible skills set that isn’t readily recognised in monetary or measurable terms, but can be just as valuable as structured learning.
We all have something to offer. When we share that experience…those skills….the knowledge….we have the potential to have a massive impact on other people’s lives as we impart what we know and  let the passion for what we’ve learned take them on the journey of discovery with us.
Do you have an idea to share? It doesn’t have to be about learning itself, it could be;
  • an intersting biography
  • knowledge on local history
  • a personal interest
  • a hobby
  • a way of looking at the world
  • ideas on how to transform the social care system
  • a new way of learning itself
  • arguments for keeping old ways of learning
  • an academic project
  • Sharing your ‘life hacks’! (tips on an easier life)
Basically, whatever YOU think would be of interest to others!
Capture your idea on video, no longer than 3 minutes and send to us at

Here are the guidelines;

  • The 3 minute video can be captured on a mobile phone, camcorder, video camera etc. If you have difficulties with recording your idea, please let us know as we may be able to help!
  • 3 minutes is the maximum. Any footage over three minutes will be removed
  • When submitting your idea, you must ensure that you will be available on the evening of Wednesday 25th February to talk about your idea in full in around 10 to 15 minutes.
  • This is NOT a platform for party political pitches. Any such material will not be used.
  • Content must be suitable for public consumption
  • You will receive a confirmation message that your idea clip has been received. If you don’t receive confirmation, get in touch!
  • No swearing or content of a sexual nature, substance misuse etc
  • By sending us your idea clip, you are confirming that it is your material and that you have had permission to use any images or footage it contains, and that you give us permission to use it as part of this project.
  • Decisions to include idea clips in this project rests entirely with the project organisers
  • Please ensure the sound is legible
  • We want to see you!! Please don’t hide behind powerpoint slides or props


Deadline for submissions is midnight on the 11th February 2015!!

Submissions after this date will not be included. All submissions received in time that meet the criteria above will be included in the public voting!

Good luck! :)

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