“Volunteering changed my whole outlook on life” – We’re celebrating Volunteers’ Week!



It’s been a very busy Volunteers’ Week, and we wanted to send out a special thank you to everyone who has volunteered for Rivki Rose Training since we were established in 2014.


Volunteer Week - embeddedOur volunteers have helped us to reach even more people in the community with our learning programmes, supporting people to grow and develop their knowledge and skills. Our Volunteers have been involved in all sorts of activities, including learner registration, public engagement activities, ensuring everyone has access to refreshments, meet & greet and facilitation.


We’re thrilled to be able to highlight their amazing contributions.


I love Volunteering because it makes me feel happy and that I have a purpose, when I might otherwise have a moment where I feel that nothing I do makes a difference. I also get to do stuff for a good cause all at the same time.


Volunteers’ Week is an annual celebration of volunteers that takes place every year in June. This year we’re taking the opportunity to establish better experiences for our volunteers through a new process of identifying needs and ambitions, and matching them to opportunities at Rivki Rose Training and beyond. Volunteers are often able to earn time credits for their volunteerin time, and volunteers from all over the country can use their time credits to attend Rivki Rose Training learning events.

We know that volunteering can be a significant and useful step to employment or in-work development, and in increasing people’s aspirations. So we want to ensure that with better conversations around the volunteering experience, everyone has the opportunity to develop and grow in the best way possible.


Employers are increasingly not just looking at academia; they are starting to look for a certain type of work ethic, one which volunteering makes very evident. Not only does it look good on your CV…you can learn new skills. I have been able to improve upon my communication, teamwork and delegation skills.

Josh, Volunteer


Well done to everyone who has been involved in the progress of Rivki Rose Training, volunteers and partner volunteer organisations alike.

A big thank you from all at Rivki Rose Training for your valuable help and support.


Volunteering changed my whole outlook on life, always a keen learner, volunteering gives you a sneaky peak into other walks of life, other occupations and other peoples circumstances. It develops empathy, resilience and a true insight into the stories of others.

Jane Gwynn Create Me Happy

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