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At Rivki Rose HQ we really can’t believe that our 6 year Anniversary has arrived already, and not only that, it’s landed right in the middle of Adult Learners Week 2020.

Postponed from June, the amazing team at the Learning & Work Institute Wales pulled together their tech expertise and creative juices to bring Adult Learners Week into a virtual space. Check them out for tons of free courses and masterclasses between 21st and 27th September 2020.

To celebrate our 6th birthday this month, we’ve created #The60.

#The60 celebrates the 6 years we’ve spent serving so many partners and hundreds of learners across SW Wales and beyond. It’s a collection of 60 pieces of work celebrating adult learning in all its beautiful and powerful forms: the formal, informal, structured, unstructured, lightbulb lighting, the life smashing, the affirming, the career progressing and the enlightening strength that adult learning has on our lives.

#changeyourstory could not be a more apt theme, as we’ve caught up with learners who have literally changed their life story through learning.

We’ll be sharing:

  • Inspiring learner stories from all walks of life
  • Inspiring quotes from real learners – we’re celebrating both formal and informal learning
  • Cut price course offers
  • FREE course modules
  • Thought provoking articles (we think they’re thought provoking – we’d love to hear your thoughts on social media!)
  • FREE resources from other providers
  • Highlighting some real champions in adult learning

We’re excited to have partnered with Jobsmart Wales to create some of the activities this week, we’ll be featuring them later in the week.


You can find our articles on this site, and the rest on our social media.

We’ll be sending out an e-mail bulletin every day during Adult Learners Week to highlight free resources, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter!

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