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Hi, I’m Becca Rosenthal and I’m the Founder of Rivki Rose Training. I’m a trainer and tutor and evaluation consultant, I’m certainly not a blog writer! So please bear with me and read to the end…


I’ve had a couple of pivotal key moments where my journey has changed in my life. And like many of us, I really love the fact that my life has been littered with pockets of both informal and formal learning.

I’ve studied with the Open University, gained training qualifications and I’ve completed Leadership & Management ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) qualifications through the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD).

I’ve also been on workshops about domestic violence and the needs of essential skills learners, I’ve been on volunteer training and First Aid. I’ve also thrown myself into informal research to learn more about my son’s disability and I turned to YouTube to learn how to fix my car!

The biggest key to any change in my life has been about having a ‘learning mindset’. Whatever situation I find myself in I ask myself a couple of questions. The first one is always “What can I learn here?” which is usually quickly followed by “What can I bring to this?” That first question means that I’m always in ‘learning mode’, whether that’s active listening to the challenges people or organisations are experiencing, to tuning into people’s lived experiences or hearing people share expertise from their field.

That mindset didn’t always come naturally to me, and it’s developed over years. There are times when it has really strengthened. When my son was born very prematurely and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, I was eager to understand what this meant for his future (we get to hear from him later in the week). I was injured in a house fire when I was 18 months old, and as someone with an ‘unusual appearance’, there are moments my confidence has dipped and I’ve delved further into personal research to understand the psychosocial impact of disfigurement – this also led to a wonderful stint as a ‘Face Equality Campaigner’ for t73409165_10157175188647672_7837317130440671232_nhe Charity Changing Faces. And too, my mindset has weakened at times, for example when I had PTSD after a car accident and ringfencing my wellbeing meant shutting the door on my hunger to learn for a little while.

One of the key moments that sticks in my mind the most is falling upon a TED talk by the incredible Emilie Wapnick. She spoke about why it’s ok not to have one true calling. Her talk introduced me to the concept of  ‘Multipotentiality’ and helped me to make sense of all my passions of adult learning, photography, video creation, equalities, hate crime, community development, monitoring and evaluation (yes, really!), leadership development, business, entrepreneurism and personal growth…and how the beauty comes when you get to combine those interests and passions together in a unique way. We place so much pressure on young people to define at an early age ‘what they want to be’, those that can’t fit will be left feeling like they don’t fit. You can watch the TED talk HERE

Life is full of complications and interruptions, some beautiful, and some dark and ugly. And we’ve seen our fair share during the 6 years that Rivki Rose Training has been alive. We’ve supported learners who have come through the door into our sessions carrying the weight of just being made homeless, of dealing with domestic violence and with children going hungry. We’ve listened, given hugs, signposted…whatever people need. And we’ve still got them through their qualifications – we’re thrilled to boast a 100% pass rate.

Equally, we’ve seen some incredible and mind blowing transformations. Which is why we were so thrilled to see the #changeyourstory theme this year for Adult Learners Week. As we reflect on the beautiful rollercoaster of the past 6 years, our first thoughts were “How apt!”

#changeyourstory is all about highlighting opportunities to change your own story through learning. At Rivki Rose Training HQ we’re keen to promote and amplify that ‘learning mindset’ during Adult Learners Week 2020. So whether we’re celebrating empowering ourselves by fixing the car after watching that YouTube video, or highlighting those amazing work opportunities after finishing that degree, join us in celebrating all things learning.

We’ll be sharing most of #The60 on Twitter and Facebook, click on the icons at the top of the page to reach us. We’d love to hear your stories too, remember to tag #changeyourstory and #the60

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