Quick Read Journey: Rachel Vetta

Rachel tells us that despite a rocky time in school, time isn’t a barrier to learning and that going back into learning can actually help you make sense of the past;

“I left school 33 years ago somewhat despondent. Although I had passed my GCSEs, my grades were awful. But what do you expect when you’re told you’re a ‘lazy learner’?”

Learner Story_Rachel Vetter

Move forwards to 2016 and I enrolled onto a Business course in Coleg Sir Gar where they assessed me for learning difficulties, only to discover my struggles at school with my learning, memory and writing were due to me suffering from Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. For the first time in my life I felt supported, understood and able to achieve anything.

My Business course led to me undertaking my BA Business Management Degree in which I am proud to say I achieved a First Class pass.

I am now retaking my essential GCSEs with the intention of becoming a teacher. I want to inspire others to enjoy business the way I do. But most importantly I want to show teenagers and young adults that a learning disability shouldn’t have to hold you back. There is help out there for you.”

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