Quick Read Journey: Paolo Piana

At the age of 59 and working full time, I decided that it was time to get some formal qualifications.

My mother was a single parent and I felt that I needed to contribute financially so I left school at 17 with 11 O-Levels and halfway through my A-Levels and started work 3 days later.

Paolo Piana

After 42 years of working and then running a business, I returned to learning with courses offered by Job Force Wales.

Over the 18 months of the course, and at the age of 60 I obtained 4 qualifications, including a Level 4 qualification, the highest academic qualification I had.

Studying whilst working had its challenges, but I was passionate about the topics and had a very supportive assessor. I enjoyed the challenges and was delighted when I received my certificates.

Following on from that I am now a part-time student at Gower College, studying for a Level 3 qualification in Community Development.

Again it’s a topic I’m passionate about and have to find time for my studies as well as a full time job and other commitments. I enjoy a challenge and I would recommend learning and studying at any time in life.

Our brains need exercising just like any other part of our body!

To anybody looking to start learning I would say;

  • Find something that you are passionate about and are interested in
  • Find a good provider that will offer you the support you need
  • Set yourself realistic goals
  • Don’t take on too much, it will only lead to disappointment
  • If you are doing work-based learning, get your employer fully on board
  • And most of all, enjoy!

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