Quick Read Journey: Ian Williams

Due to my adult learning journey I was able to swop the drab M4 commute for a drive along the beautiful Ceredigion coastal road to work, and I’ve been able to realign my work life balance and it’s really increased my quality of life.

Ian has just graduated from the Skills for the Workplace Leadership & Management Degree Programme, delivered by University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD).

Learner Story_Ian Williams

Ian feels that aiming for his degree has helped to open up big opportunities in terms of employment and has also grown his skills in terms of approaching his work.

“I was someone who was really lacking in confidence in my abilities. I am dyslexic and I was being pressured to work 55 to 60 hours per week in what I felt were unrewarding organizations.

“I was looking for other management positions to escape the cycle I was in, and I discovered that despite all the experience I had, I didn’t have the qualifications to match it that employers wanted.”

Ian took a step back in his career to start his Degree in Leadership & Management and gained more skills, qualifications and understanding than he’d hoped for.

“Not only did I gain this academic qualification, but the course also gave me vocational qualifications through ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management), gaining me invaluable skills and knowledge directly transferrable into the workplace. The whole course was designed around mature working students, so lectures were carried out on evenings and weekends, and my tutors were available via phone and skype.

“I soon built up an invaluable support network of fellow students, we built friendships and were able to discuss ideas and theories. I relocated and I found an employer who looks to develop people from within, and encourages continuous personal and professional development. It means there are even more doors open to me.

“In addition to my qualifications, my new skills mean I’ve got a better ability to analyse problems by listening to others and being able to justify my decisions, rather than making rash decisions.”

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