Adult Learners Week draws to a close…


Thank You photoThis year’s Adult Learners Week (ALW) has been a truly wonderful celebration of the energy and inspiration that adults bring to their learning and of the institutions, businesses and Third Sector organizations that continue to be committed to its provision, growth and vision.

This year we approached ALW with an empty mind and no expectation, and asked learners from all walks of life what it meant to them. There were a few key themes that came to the forefront as a result:


  • Learning is lifelong, it doesn’t end in school, college or University. For some, even formal learning continues into their 70s and 80s.
  • Having the mindset that opens you to self-direct your own learning to develop a hobby, fix a car or washing machine is really important. Not everyone experiences the support to go out and try, the confidence to get it wrong and try again, or even to take that risk in the first place.
  • Some people don’t engage in much formal, structured formal learning in their lives post-compulsory education age, but they keep learning in many other ways
  • Digital Poverty is growing, increasing the divide between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ in terms of access to knowledge, understanding and opportunities
  • Lots of learning takes place in the workplace, from learning new systems to learning about how management and strategic direction works and matters – let’s not forget about those out of work and how they could still benefit from understanding and learning the same
  • That people care about learning with a real passion. It’s not something that just happens as part of life – people still seek it out with a hunger and thirst
  • That it is absolutely never too late to change your story.

With big thanks to the Learning & Work Institute and Working Wales for co-ordinating a fantastic, engaging, relevant and inspiring virtual Adult Learners Week and for everyone who contributed or interacted with our work this week.

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