About Us

About us


Established in 2014, Rivki Rose Training was set up by award winning tutor Rebecca (Becca) Rosenthal in response to the growing need for learning experiences that address community and personal development together. Since then we’ve grown to incorporate work supporting people’s journey to work and we’ve also established our Evaluation & Monitoring Consultancy services.
At Rivki Rose Training we’re all about supporting people and communities to grow, and our passion for all things adult learning.
We specialise in developing and delivering bespoke learning programmes, workshops and taster sessions promoting personal growth, community development and moving people closer to employment.
We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience personal growth in a safe and inclusive environment.


Whichever learning experiences you are sharing with us, you can expect to see these principles in practice:
  • Developing ourselves and the communities we live in; Striving to promote better wellbeing, positive mental health, coproduction, fairness, equality of opportunity, community cohesion and resilience.
  • Recognising achievement; Promote assets based approaches, valuing existing and new skills. Recognising that everyone has something to offer, whatever their personal or professional skills.
  • Personal & Professional Development; Supporting the development of knowledge transfer, sharing experiences and good practice, embedding digital literacy and developing employment skills.



At Rivki Rose Training we’re committed to developing the skills of individuals through the learning programmes we offer and also through volunteering and work opportunities. We are proud to be a Tempo Time Credits earn and spend partner, to be offering meaningful volunteering and work opportunities to members of the community and sub-contracting to local, developing businesses where possible.
We originally began delivering our learning programmes across South and South West Wales, but during Covid-19 our work has begun to stretch all across the UK. All learning experiences are developed with local practices and services in mind, in addition to the Welsh, UK and European policy context.


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