Training & Courses

Courses and workshops provided by Rivki Rose Training evolve alongside the changing needs of our contemporary communities. Below you will be able to gain a flavour of the type of courses that can be designed and delivered by Rivki Rose Training. If you have a particular training need, please do get in touch…a similar topic may already be in development. Topics below can be delivered during half or one-day workshops, or extended to provide a more indepth learning experience.


Equality & Diversity

Using a range of  tools to support participants to explore their own ideas of equality and diversity, to unpick issues around stereotyping and scapegoating and to understand principles of equality of opportunity and fairness. Participants are introduced to the Equality Act 2010 within the context of their own organisations and the various concepts of discumination in the modern context and to ‘unconscious bias’.  At the end of the session participants are finally able to consider a range of action planning tools to advance equity and non-discriminatory practice within their own organisation.


Community Development

Supporting participants to develop and grow their community development skills toolbox. Suitable for both professionals and active citizens, the workshops take us from the very beginnings of understanding communities and community development. The workshops can address topics such as engagement tools, equalities, participation, community cohesion, event planning, funding applications, measuring soft outcomes, measuring wellbeing and community asset mapping. Delivery draws on Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), the National Occupational Standards for Community Development and the work of Participation Cymru.



The range of wellbeing workshops support participants to explore a range of techniques and strategies. The topics aim to de-myth mental health and help participants to understand how their mind operates, what influences us and what we can do to make changes in our lives. We promote the NHS 5 steps to positive wellbeing throughout our learning programme. Topics can be combined to meet the needs of your learners. Topics include;

  • Personal & social connections
  • Learned dependency
  • Mindfulness & meditation
  • Mood & food. Finding the balance
  • Learned behaviours
  • Goal setting
  • Sleeping, relaxation & positivity
  • Giving & mental health
  • The need for human beings to keep learning
  • Keeping active – the relationship between our bodies and mental health
  • 1-2-1 coaching



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